Pre-employment Screening/Assessments

Pre-employment (pre-placement) medical and functional assessments are an integral component of any recruitment strategy and a leading indicator injury prevention solution. Our pre-employment screening examinations reduce the incidents and severity of injuries in your workplace by matching the physical demands of the job with the physical capability of the employee.

In many cases In Touch Physiotherapists guide and direct participants towards employment field opportunities that best suit their physical capacity – a proactive measure to ensure long-term musculoskeletal safety and an injury free career.

Other benefits include:

  • a record of pre-employment capacity to help identify when any subsequent injury is fully recovered and returned to its pre-injury state
  • identification of an individual’s risk factors prior to employment which can be addressed early by the on-site physiotherapist to ensure that the employee can carry out their job demands with minimum risk

Our pre-employment assessments can be tailored to your needs in your specific industry and will include:

  • A detailed subjective history including past work history, medical and injury history and identification of known risk factors
  • Testing of physical capacities including:
    • Functional capacity and lifting tolerance
    • Lifting technique/work postures
    • General mobility and strength
    • Aerobic fitness

Partnering with the In Touch Physiotherapy for pre-employment screening services is a critical key to the health and sustainability of your entire work force

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