On-Site Physiotherapy

Benefits of Onsite Physiotherapy in Sydney, and Throughout Australia

There are many reasons to book an onsite physiotherapy session. Our mobile physio clinic strives to provide you with best-value treatment in your workplace.

Easy access to treatment leads to more readily and earlier reporting of injuries. By providing an immediate diagnosis and treatment for the employee onsite, musculoskeletal complaints can be managed before they impact on an employee’s ability to work comfortably and safely and ultimately reduces lost time due to injury. This reduces the number of complaints that become workers’ compensation claims.

Our mobile physio service also reduces any loss in productivity and absenteeism that results from treatment off site. This is primarily due to the reduction in ‘down time’ due to travel time to/from appointments.

Mobile physiotherapy also improves communication between practitioner and patient

Being onsite encourages better communication through easy access directly with team leaders and supervisors, onsite health and safety staff, RTW co-ordinators and treating doctors. This affords us a unique advantage of being able to integrate our services and provide a unified approach to achieve optimal outcomes.

By developing close working relationships, you can have confidence your employees are receiving best practice health and injury management.

The ability to observe the worker in their work environment helps our physiotherapists to better understand their role and facilitates improved treatment and rehabilitation. It also helps us to understand how an injury impacts on a worker’s ability to perform their normal duties, helps us to make recommendations regarding how to modify and graduate worker’s duties to allow a safe and durable return to work.

As well as acute injury assessment and treatment, the role of the onsite physiotherapist goes further to include a review of workplace injury trends and helping to develop injury prevention strategies.

Through our strong on-site presence and ongoing education, we strive to enhance the safety culture with-in an organisation by empowering management and employees with an understanding of how best to manage and prevent workplace injury.

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